Social Media Strategist & Herder of Cats

Photo by Margot Duane Photography, www.margotduane.com

Photo by Margot Duane Photography, www.margotduane.com

Start: Gets her career start with Saatchi Saatchi advertising on brand giants Johnson & Johnson and Proctor & Gamble.

1990: Transitions into the realm of television commercial, industrial video and documentary film production on hundreds of projects, with budgets ranging up to $3.5M, in Chicago, New York and San Francisco.

1998: Decides to marry her career interests with her passion for windsurfing and moves to the windiest city in the continental US—San Francisco!

1999: Channels her film production experience into the digital realm working with Red Sky Interactive in San Francisco.

2000: Hones her gift-of-the-gab as a PR associate working with high tech Internet startups.

2002: Realizes her passion for the charitable and sustainable world as the first ever Marketing Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Bay—develops all marketing support for four fundraising events per year and a corporate sponsorship program that led to over $60,000 in annual donations.

2005: Launches consulting practice developing marketing/communications initiatives for nonprofit clients such as KIPP, Summer Search, and River Network.

2008: Signs up for her first Twitter account in 2008 (her gateway drug!) and spends the next several years honing her expertise in all major social media channels.

2012: Embarks on a more than two year consulting engagement with data management company Recommind to provide an array of strategic social media services that help the company successfully expand its share of voice with customers, analysts, investors, industry thought leaders and the media.

Today: Delivers customer-first social media strategy that builds positive relationships with key audiences and delivers business-building goals, with measurable results.


Digital Marketing & SEO Services

The Spectrum Group logo

Spectrum Group Online

Abigail was introduced to the Spectrum Group through one of her favorite advisors, William Gaultier, CEO of e-Storm. Once she met with the principals of Spectrum, Alyson Harrold and Massimo Paolini, and heard about their vision and approach, Abigail knew it would be a great match.

The Spectrum Group is a digital marketing agency with roots in traditional marketing practices. Similar to Abigail, the Spectrum Group employs an integrated approach to their efforts. They understand brand, strategy and messaging along with the technical know-how to translate that into successful lead generation results for their clients.

Also, like Abigail, Spectrum offers a scalable range of services to suit any client’s needs. Their services run the gamut from WordPress web design and support, to strategy and SEO keyword research, to content marketing, and lead generation. But it doesn’t stop there. Everything they do is backed by Analytics. They specialize in strategic insights via Google Analytics and other tools to monitor the overall health of an online presence, evaluate competitive performance, and measure actual results.

Spectrum is equally excited to be working with Abigail who also brings a willingness to dive in deep with her clients, providing strategic insight, smart social media tactics, and equipping her clients to be successful at building online relationships with audiences.


Designer & Developer

Thomas Digital Design

Thomas Digital Design

Victor Thomas is a class act and one of the best web designers Abigail has ever worked with. Victor and his team specialize in designing and building outstanding websites that deliver business objectives, with ‘soul’! In fact, he designed and built this Arque Creative site far exceeding any expectations. Victor is a consummate professional – very responsive to a client’s needs, endowed with a highly refined taste level and design sense, and is very conscientious about time and budget. Victor has earned Abigail’s highest appreciation. Please check out his work!