Go Video, or Go Home

We may reflect on 2016 as the year of the Social Video. Yet Social Video has been around since it debuted on YouTube in 2005, and well before we posted our first Tweets. That said, it’s taken a decade for video to become the content du jour across other social media communities.

While YouTube may have paved the way, here’s a brief history of how the landscape has expanded:

  • 2012: Vine launches publicly as short-format (6 second) video loop owned by Twitter
  • 2013: Google Hangouts offers live video streaming via Google+; Instagram adds 15-second video sharing
  • 2014: IM and multimedia App Snapchat (2011) adds video chat
  • 2015: Live streaming video Apps Periscope (acquired by Twitter) & Meerkat launch as well as YouNow, a live webcast service
  • 2016: Facebook launches Live Video; Instagram expands video sharing to 60 seconds; Twitter expands video play to 140 seconds; and the latest player to enter the field is rumored to be Tumblr



So what does this mean for your business? Go Video or Go home.

Keeping apace with advancement of Smart Phone technology, social media providers have mastered the ability to enable Live Video without taking up so much bandwidth that it freezes, drops, or goes wonky. As a result, social media companies continue to pilot their journey away from the printed word in favor of their newest media: Video.

In order to keep your customers engaged, your business must find innovative ways with which to incorporate Live Video into your marketing engine. This is the most breakthrough product innovation to happen in the world of social media in a decade folks, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.

The Opportunity: Live Video is still in its nascent stage so this presents a unique opportunity for stepping out and distinguishing your company and products from the competition. Surely innovative and engaging use of the Live Video medium will attract attention and eyeballs to your business.

Where To Begin?: Here are few Facebook Live ideas to get your company started—

1. CEO Address – Shake up that boring old CEO company address by hosting it via a Facebook Live event. Facebook Live events can be scheduled in advance so you can alert your employees, customers, and stakeholders to attend at a specific date and time. If they miss it, no problem, Live events can be archived for future viewing.

2. Events – Traditionally you may live Tweet from industry conferences and trade shows but now, you can add video to the mix and draw even more user attention. Consider Live Streaming an industry round table discussion; make it high profile by inviting an industry Influencer to participate or moderate the panel, and promote the event across all of your marketing channels. The possibilities are boundless.

3. Product Demo – Stand out from trade show competition by inviting potential customers to demo your product live! Host it as a Facebook Live broadcast and stream the feed to your audience. This serves the dual purpose of also reaching trade-show-excluded audiences such as customers unable to attend the expo.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Live Videos have an afterlife (syndication) which means the investment can be significant to your overall social media footprint (not to mention your SEO).
  • Live Videos present Cross promotion opportunities with other social media channels and direct marketing tools. Remember Tweet Chats? This is still in the avian family, just a new breed.
  • Production value doesn’t really matter. Live Video doesn’t need to look pretty; your viewers understand that and will likely forgive poor production quality. Just be sure you have a really strong connection before you kick off your video event.

Don’t tarry here folks, the time to seize upon this unique opportunity is now.
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