How Can Your Enterprise Business Kill It On Social Media?

the enterprise of social business

Naysayers and skeptics move aside, if your enterprise company isn’t killing it on social media you’re missing out on the most cost effective way of growing your business.

Two key elements will drive your success:

1. Strategy – if you’re not operating with foundational strategy, you’re operating without a net
2. Training – if you’re not harnessing the power and influence of your employees, you’re ignoring a valuable resource

Successful Social Media Practices Are Founded Upon Integrated Strategy

When working with any client, an early stage practice is to lay out the operating strategy for engagement (aka create a Social Media Plan). Social Media sits at the nexus of Product Marketing, Communications and Sales efforts, as a result, your strategy MUST factor in the goals set by each department. It’s no easy task getting all of these departments to communicate and integrate their efforts, but it’s absolutely critical to do so for the best possible results.

Do what you need to do to bring all parties to the table:

  • Set up weekly meetings or conference calls to review objectives and tactics
  • Hold each department accountable for it’s role in rolling out initiatives
  • Set goals, track results and report on progress

Social Employees Are Your Most Valuable Assets

The data is in – social employees decidedly help the bottom line. A new report by Social Media Today and Hinge Marketing reveals significantly increased visibility, brand recognition, inbound Web traffic, etc!

(Credit: Understanding employee advocacy on social media | social media today and Hinge)

Benefits Firms Receive From Employee Advocacy

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, social employees help firms grow their business faster, shorten the sales cycle, attract/generate new business, and generate new revenue streams. Further, having a formal social advocacy program helps your employees, well, be better employees by strengthening their own professional achievements.

Benefits Employees Receive From Social Advocacy

Supporting social employees by introducing a formal social media training program is a sound practice for your business and for your employees – Win : Win!

How Does Your Company Get Started?

If you don’t currently have internal resources to outline an operational social media strategy or to launch an employee advocacy program, your best bet is to contract an outside resource to help you. My practice is designed to team up with my clients, evaluate their current resources and fill the need with consulting support. Interested in learning more? Contact me!