ABlogToWatch watch reviews and news from the world's most popular watch & timepiece blog for serious and new watch lovers.

When the world’s most widely read watch blog needed a brand re-launch they turned to the team at Arque Creative for help.


Discovery: Abigail provided a detailed analysis of the former site—ABlogToRead—and its social assets’ performance to guide the brand’s re-launch.

Website Development: Web Master Kristin (aka Krash) Kramer used her computer wizardry to deliver a high performing, dynamic new site for ABlogToWatch.

Social Media Management: Team Arque administered the rebranding of all the watch guide’s social media channels.


Post the rebranding (and renaming!) efforts we thought it would take a long while for audiences to adopt the new name but we were gladly mistaken. The new site gained traffic immediately and even made significant gains.

Web Traffic (September 2012 vs. March 2013 Google Analytics reporting)

  • Overall website traffic (253,003 vs. 281,774) is up 11%.
  • Other performance measures are roughly the same so we didn’t lose anything in the renaming and redirecting of audiences to the new site.
  • All previous site bugs were fixed with the site now performing well on mobile/tablet devices.

Social Media Referrals

In an even more startling story, the old ABlogToRead averaged around 5,000 Facebook Page Likes and we thought it would take many months to rebuild our fan base. However once we renamed the Page (renaming meant we had to build our audience from scratch) amazingly, the number of fans who liked the new ABlogToWatch Facebook Page grew to a whopping 8,572—a 71% gain!

In addition, website referral traffic among ABlogToWatch’s key social channels are up, including among a new demographic—women.

  • Referral traffic from Facebook is up 33%.
  • Referral traffic from Pinterest is up 99%.
  • Referral traffic from Google+ is up 122%.