Breakthrough Collaborative

Breakthrough Collaborative launches high-potential, low-income middle school students on the path to college and inspires high school students to pursue careers in education.

National nonprofit inspiring students to go to college and build careers in education


Breakthrough Collaborative has a 30-year history with 33 offices nationwide and 1 in Hong Kong. This prestigious organization also enjoys a stellar reputation in the field of education inspiring youth to graduate high school, go to college and ultimately become educators themselves. But its operating website was dated with limited functionality.

Called upon to help the organization modernize its online presence, Abigail helped to assemble a dynamic web development team to take on the mission. The team included Abigail Fisher as Content Strategist in charge of brand story development, pH7 as Designers-In-Chief, and Akbar Pasha in leading the website development. Partnering with Breakthrough’s own team Ieesha McKinsie, Dave Bryson, and Madeliene Clarke the collaboration delivered the site you see today. All video work was directed and produced by the outstanding talent at Winton du Pont Films.


The calls are still pouring in with praise for the new site which also now sets the bar for all local Breakthough offices. A legacy template has been created for local offices to use in their own website development. Early measurement results point to increased traffic, click through, and conversion! Fundraising is also increasing as more donors and supporters find and use the site.