Chef Joanne Weir

picture of Chef Joanne Weir

I’ve been an avid viewer of Chef Joanne Weir‘s PBS cooking shows for years. In fact, this whole connection came about as a result of me shyly declaring that I was a big fan of hers at the Bryan’s Market seafood counter several years ago! In a real-life story of ‘all good things come to those who wait’, Joanne and I finally reconnected at her wonderful (and my favorite!) restaurant, Copita in Sausalito. The result? She contracted me to help her team with their social media footprint.


The Joanne Weir digital brand story is an exceptional one. She and her team had already created a significant digital brand presence across the Web and on several top social media channels. From the outset, my approach was to align their engagement with a purpose that more directly delivered business-building goals for the Joanne Weir brand.

Digital Discovery: My process began with an evaluation of all Joanne Weir brand digital assets: website, blog, and social media channels. The resulting story was a very positive one as her assets outperform the norm across the board. In particular, her organic Facebook Page engagement is so strong that it beats the algorithm that forces so many other brands to advertise. That said, I also saw an opportunity to increase the fan base and user engagement across all of their digital brand channels, including Facebook.

Business Overview: Strategic engagement is all about delivering on objectives, so I asked Joanne to complete a list of questions designed to help her think about and commit to goals for her business.

Strategic Social Media Planning: Then came the fun part, which was for me to put everything I knew about Joanne’s business into a social media plan, with actionable tactics, that would deliver upon the broader business objectives. High on my list was a recommendation to launch a Pinterest brand page, as it’s an extremely well targeted environment for the Joanne Weir brand. And that was just the start…wait until you see what they have in store for fans over the next six months!

Social Media Training: Joanne’s team has also requested that I provide some advanced training on Twitter, Pinterest and on Management tools to help them maximize efficiencies with all of their engagements.

In all it’s been a wonderful experience, and honor, working with Joanne and her team. I feel completely lucky and grateful to have been granted the privilege. AND, if you have a hankering for some outstanding Mexican food, I highly recommend her restaurant Copita!

A kind note to me from Joanne:

“Thanks so much!. Thanks for all of the research you did and your advice. Also thanks for working so closely with Karen. I know that she really appreciated it and got a lot out of it.  I definitely learned a lot on Friday. I’m excited and look forward to putting your advice into play. Thanks again.”  

– Joanne