Recommind provides the most accurate and automated end-to-end eDiscovery, enterprise search and automatic categorization software available.

When global enterprise software company Recommind wanted to advance its social media practices, they turned to Abigail Fisher for help.


Social Media Strategy & Implementation: Abigail was called to map out a strategic plan that would deliver business building goals for communications, channel marketing and Lead Gen departments. Then she worked with key stakeholders to implement initiatives with outstanding results.

Team Training: Fast tracked the marketing and communications team to social media mastery for the daily management of assets.

Organic SEO: Provided a host of savvy insights and insider tips to boost channel performance for Search.

Measurement: Established ongoing measurement and evaluation practices that deepened engagement.


“As an enterprise, we needed to create a strategy to claim our share of voice  with customers, industry analysts, investors, industry thought leaders and the media.  Abigail helped us to attack step by step.  We created a voice for the company and our executives,  engaged our internal audience and thanks to Abigail, we were able to keep pace with the ever-evolving tactics on all of our social media channels.  Two years later, we have tripled our engagement and dominate share of voice in our industry.”

– Andrea Fuller, Director of Global Corporate Communications at Recommind  

    • Consistent double digit gains across all social media channels monthly, and 100% YOY.
    • Significant gains in number of followers and interactions with #eDiscovery and #BigData audiences.
    • Optimization of all digital channels resulting in significantly improved SEO performance.
    • Mentored Marketing Associate to a Marketing Manager position.