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An ideal consulting relationship is when a client fully partners with the consultant in the process; this is what happened when I worked with Suman Sarkar, founding Partner of Three S Consulting. It was a dream collaboration.

Brand Story development: Our process began with developing a strong brand story around all of the offerings for Three S Consulting, and telling that story across all of their digital assets: website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Suman allowed me to guide this process while also contributing to the telling of his company story.

Optimization for Search: Once we had the essential story launched across all digital assets, we then worked to optimize the content for Search.

Strategic Social Media Planning: This is where I plied my knowledge and expertise to help Suman launch the supporting social media channels and create an ongoing process for relationship building with key audiences essential to his business-building goals. Furthermore, Suman is a published author so we developed a plan with an eye toward developing his Thought Leadership positioning in his area of expertise, Supply Chain Management.

Education and Training: I worked with Suman to fast track his social media skill set to mastery across all his social media support channels, in only a few sessions! He’s an incredibly fast learner with innate technical savvy which yielded a very high ROI.

Suman and I continue to collaborate on an ongoing basis to ensure his continued success.

“As a new author, I saw the benefit of having a presence in different social media. After an exhaustive search, I found Abigail’s Social CEO program useful. It is a structured and step by step process that explains how someone new to social media can create a presence in these channels. Abigail helped me with refining my message on social media, fine tuning SEO of my website, improving my LinkedIn profile, and creating a presence on Twitter, Facebook and Google +. She has incredible knowledge about the working of social media channels and how to make it easy for someone to use them effectively. Also, she is very easy to work with.

I found her knowledge on marketing very helpful. She also helped me with simplifying infographics and improving scripts for my company video. These were not originally included in our agreement but Abigail went out of her way to help me.

Overall a great experience working with Abigail. I highly recommend Abigail as a coach for anyone who is new to social media and don’t have time for it.”
– Suman Sarkar