• picture of Chef Joanne Weir

    Chef Joanne Weir

    I’ve been an avid viewer of Chef Joanne Weir‘s PBS cooking shows for years. In fact, this whole connection came about as a result of me shyly declaring that I was a big fan of hers at the Bryan’s Market seafood counter several years ago! In a real-life story of ‘all good things come to those who wait’, […]

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  • Three S Consulting logo

    Three S Consulting

    An ideal consulting relationship is when a client fully partners with the consultant in the process; this is what happened when I worked with Suman Sarkar, founding Partner of Three S Consulting. It was a dream collaboration. Brand Story development: Our process began with developing a strong brand story around all of the offerings for […]

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  • I'd Watch That landing page

    I’d Watch That

    I’d Watch That is disrupting the way traditional TV shows get ‘ordered’ through crowd-sourced engagement. Brand new to the digital landscape I’d Watch That contracted Abigail to establish a strong social media presence. Services include: Social Media channel set up & branding Strategic Social Media planning Daily Social Media management Deployment of Best Social Media […]

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  • Recommind provides the most accurate and automated end-to-end eDiscovery, enterprise search and automatic categorization software available.


    The most accurate and automated end-to-end eDiscovery, enterprise search and automatic categorization software available

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  • ABlogToWatch watch reviews and news from the world's most popular watch & timepiece blog for serious and new watch lovers.


    Watch reviews and news from the world’s most popular watch and timepiece blog for serious and new watch lovers

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