Social Media

Who Do We Help?

Growth companies looking to invest in their internal social media office for sustainable development. We also help companies that are struggling to deliver social media practices that reach key audiences and win customers.

Areas of Expertise – Our expertise is not limited to these verticals, but through our work these are areas we know well: Enterprise, B2C, Startups, eDiscovery, BigData, InfoGov, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Crowd-Sourced TV, Social Media, Social Authors, Social CEO’s.

What Can We Deliver?

Our client process is collaborative; together we will work toward establishing programs that serve your specific needs and that you will be able to execute within a sustainable framework, as your company grows.

  • Social Audit: digital discovery, audience analysis, competitive analysis
  • Social Employees: employee education & training, account set up & management tools, best practices, leadership teams, Social CEO’s
  • Governance: company wide Social Media Policy
  • Strategy: strategic planning, integration with business-building goals, Inbound Marketing practices
  • Implementation: interdepartmental coordination systems, content planning & management tools, blogging, Influencer programs, List building, Search, social media management
  • Content Creation: social storytelling, copywriting, editing, hashtag research & usage, cross-channel distribution, best practices
  • Digital Marketing: advertising campaigns that support business initiatives
  • Industry Trends: big picture perspective, technology advances affecting your social media
  • Measurement: analytics, performance analysis
  • Performance: evaluate winning tactics

Our approach is grounded in strategic social media practices that are fully aligned with business building goals and integrated with product marketing, communications, lead generation, and sales efforts. We work with leadership teams to translate business objectives into tactical social media practices that build positive relationships with customers, stakeholders, analysts, and the media. Ultimately, these efforts will drive sales objectives and deliver measureable results.

Customer-First Social Media

Social Media Strategist, Abigail Fisher helps your company adopt strategic social media programs that win loyal customers. Her approach is focused on the ‘customer journey’ and how your company can be successful along the way. Her process is collaborative with client participation and accountability. Why? So your investment is proprietary!

Thanks to the key digital transformation trends brought on by social media, the rise of mobile, and the expectation of real-time communications, the age of the customer is reshaping marketing and sales strategies. It means there is no go-to-market strategy anymore—it is now go-to-customer. – Hootsuite

Actively Listen: set up social channels to monitor industry conversations and identify leading voices

Earn Trust: build a content engine to establish industry expertise (may include launching SME programs) with customers; develop ‘social employees’ with education and training

Respond: meet audience needs and build long-lasting relationships

Stay Informed: keep abreast of trends impacting social media engagement

Analyze: monitor performance to ensure program success

Abigail doesn’t just set up her clients’ social channels and run them, she empowers clients to master their own social media engagement by teaching them everything she knows.

Learn more about how Abigail works with clients!

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‘Social Companies’

Employees can be a company’s best social media resource and it’s great for business! Drawing from her extensive marketing experience, Abigail helps clients develop ‘Social Companies’ by providing ongoing employee education and training. She teaches her clients how to find and hook key audiences, reveals valuable short cuts, tips and insights to fast track her client’s success, and provides ongoing education and training to establish successful social media relationship building practices.

Furthermore, recent research from G&S Business Communications and Harris Poll, show that 64% of Americans want company leaders on social media. Why? In order to better understand the company before purchasing products. In other words, having company leaders on social media allows customers to build a relationship with the company as a first step before buying products.

A Social CEO builds trust with customers! The more they trust the CEO, the more likely they are to buy your company product or services. Ask Abigail about: The Social CEO Program