Why Google+ Has Become the Next Great Social Media Tool

Having a Hard Time Wrapping Your Mind Around Google+?

I first wrote a post about this early last year. Back then I was still having a difficult time gaining traction with other relevant Google+ users — it was lonely out there! But the introduction of Google + Communities a few months ago became the big game changer that has finally made it an incredibly useful tool for me and for my clients. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Gather News

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to join Google+ is to set it up as an information gathering channel or customized news feed. Google+ has developed its own directory called Recommended Users that will point you to noteworthy folks worth following. It’s a really good place to start making friends.

Recommended Users on Google+

2. Join Communities

Again, this is the big game changer. Google + Communities are all organized around a particular topic/interest and provide a sharing platform for others who also share your interest. For example, my area is Social Media (duh!) so I’ve now joined several communities that post and share useful news, tips, events, and other information related to the topic of social media. And I’ve made friends here as well! Furthermore, as on Twitter for example, you can follow (or friend) individual users with whom you share an affinity within the community; OR as on Facebook, you can follow the Community news in your Home Feed as well as simply read that particular news feed as you would an Interest on Facebook.

Google+ Communities

3. Chat and Hang Out

I think Google+ can be a great tool for small teams collaborating on a project. The Chat and HangOut features allow team members to communicate in real time, share documents (via Google Docs), and create shared calendars (via Google Calendars). By interacting on Google+ teams can operate in a microsite that can help boost collaboration and communication. AND…teams have the option of making this collaboration pubic.

4. Boost SEO

Obviously Google+ is linked up to its Search results. The more you interact by posting and sharing information with the Google+ community, the more you’ll boost your SEO. This alone is a pretty compelling reason for joining up, especially if you’re a brand or business trying to get noticed online.

5. Set Up a Business Page

Google+ offers its own version of Pages and allows businesses to create a Google+ profile. Again, it’s worth doing so to boost SEO. Once you’ve set up your Page you can then ‘verify your business’ for the Google Directory. This alerts Google that you have a legitimate business and is an important step to boosting SEO.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Getting started is pretty simple. Similar to Facebook, you need to start by registering a Google Profile. Google Profiles were launched a few years back to give folks more control over how they appear in Search. YOU control and edit the content for your profile and this will now show up in Google Search results. Plus, it’s another great thing to do to boost your SEO.

You’ll also need some good photos to complete your Profile picture and Page pictures. The sizing requirements are a little odd so be prepared to have to work with this.

Then of course, have all of your online links at hand. Once you’ve completed the information, you’ll essentially have a repsository of your online brand. Sweet!

Join Me!!

Like I said, it’s lonely over here in Google+ so please find me and let’s explore how we can maximize our experience: Abigail on Google+

More Questions?

If you have more questions about anything I said here feel free to contact me and I’ll try and help.