Why is the Social Media office marketing’s poor step child?

Social media is like a youngest child of a large family—frequently neglected, often ignored, and usually dressed in hand-me-downs. When social media is truly the best communication channel that a company has, why do businesses continue to underfund and understaff its office? Why does social media persist to be the Marketing/Communications department’s poor step-child?

You demo’d this great new social media marketing/analytics software – problem solved, right?

Wrong! There are literally hundreds of Content Marketing, Audience Acquisition and Social Media Management & Analytics tools on the market place, all offering to solve your needs. But here’s the bad news – when it comes to your company’s social media management, there is no single out-of-the-box solution that will fulfill all of your needs; nor can a Digital Marketing Agency provide a blanket solution.

Magic wand with hand of a fairy

Why? Because you can’t package Human Relationships! Think about the social media office this way—it’s a direct, customer communication channel. Take Twitter for example: think of the Twitter feed as a business portal that offers real-time engagement and which also presents an opportunity for your business to gain immediate and valuable customer insight to your brand, products and company. So why would you want to outsource this chance to deepen relationships with your customers?

What does it take to be truly successful with social media engagement?

A sound and lasting investment in your social media team. Yes, when it comes to managing the social media office, the best investment you can make is an internal one.

  • Staff – hire employees responsible for daily management of the social media community channels
  • Tools – determine which software tools can help streamline your efforts
  • Education – administer proper guidelines and social media training for social media officers—and employees
  • Leadership – involve departmental leaders in the effort to build social media culture—start with your CEO!
  • Employees – encourage ‘social employees’ to strengthen the effort

social media employees

Now here’s the good news – once you’ve made a significant investment in your social media staff and resources, YOU OWN IT! Still have doubts? Contact me and we’ll discuss.